Caciano Machado

PhD in Computer Science

Subjects of Interest

Distributed Systems
Computer Networks
Information Security


caciano at
PGP Key — ID: CC20F7BE98538B96, Fingerprint: D6E6 9DE9 DA32 C575 F974 0FDD CC20 F7BE 9853 8B96


Cryptocurrency Addresses

Bitcoin — 1AZfzrYYjsYGyb7CveA1PjuMFji4wEq1V1
Ethereum — 0xbC0B9c2310A481D72cf10Ae4f46ca7A2014c31E8
Monero — 82ceoJ41DNDbXU94BRgCSJBPS1UZuLM3o26XhKt6s88EBHc3W4R1ZUjFb49DUUsdi3jLbi6rBYTnv7vVFHHpNakWGQvvfHI

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